McCall Breakfast Destination Announces Grand Opening

by Michelle Hart | 20 June 2022 |

For the past six months, there has been a giant pancake-shaped hole in our hearts. A visit to McCall just isn’t the same now that the Pancake House is gone. However, this trendy new breakfast spot hopes they can win over some of the Pancake House’s old fans.

After the Pancake House closed in December 2021, social rumors started to fly that the vacant location would become a new “Brunchette” location. Fans of Huck House Brunchette and Blue Bench Brunchette in Boise knew that owner, Boomer Godsill, was planning on expanding the concept to McCall. However, Jenny Calazaretta, a Brand Manager with The Godsill Company debunked that myth by replying to a comment “We secured a different location on the water.”

Brunchette on the Lake secured a location at 317 E Lake St in McCall and is ready to welcome their first guests just in time for McCall’s incredibly popular 4th of July Celebration. They announced via social media that their first day will be Friday, June 24!  

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