Large project with townhomes, apartments, commercial planned near Donnelly

By: Autum Robertson | 21 July 2022 | BoiseDev

A large multi-family development could pop up near Donnelly. 

Triple Dot Development has applied to build a townhome subdivision just over 20 acres by Roseberry Road near Donnelly.

If approved, the development would be in an area near a few other subdivisions, including Mountain Meadows. 

There would be a total of 74 townhomes, 88 apartment units, and commercial space. The commercial lots would be used to provide amenities and storage space to the tenants. 

“The proposed amenities within the large gathering lots will include playground equipment, large lawn areas, and community barbeque facilities,” the project application said.

The project would be constructed in three phases. Phase one would consist of the apartments, phase two covering townhomes, and phase three would be the remaining townhomes and commercial elements. The anticipated project completion is June 2025. 

Valley Meadows will be in front of the Valley County Planning and Zoning Commission on August 11. 


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